It's a dogs life ...

I know it's been a while, but I am not ignoring you!

I have been having so much fun, coming into school every day and seeing everyone at St Peter's - I love saying hello to everyone and anyone!

I am still hearing children read and love seeing the children when they bring their learning to show me.


I enjoy it so much that I even do it when at home! Finn loves to read to me, and I love spending time with him ... I think he's a puppy like me!

When at home, I do sometimes make Mr G a bit sad ... I can't think why ... I was only playing in the mud in the garden!


I had a great Christmas, and even got some presents from the children at St Peter's!

AND I got my own Christmas dinner too! (Although Mr G has now put me on a post Christmas diet!)

As part of my new 'fitness regime' we have had some lovely walks ... I had so much fun running around on the sandy beach chasing a ball ...

I didn't enjoy having to walk in the rain as much though!