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The Cassowary:


The cassowary can run at speeds of 10 miles an hour and will use their crazily long talons to slash their way through the jungle and rip apart anything that gets in their way. As well as that they can make a call that shakes the ground like a mini earth quake. Females are a boring brown colour and the males have bright blue faces with red warbles.

The only thing heaver than them is an ostrich.





The Horse:


Horses, everyone has heard of them they come in so many different shapes and sizes. From the huge and gentle shire to the small and frisking Shetland all horses are loveable. A female horse is called a mare and a male is called a stallion with the babies called foals. Even though horses are gentle the can’t see behind them and will kick out at anything there. There are three breeds of horses the hot bloods the cold bloods and the warm bloods.





The Jaguar:


Probably one of the most distinguishable of all the big cats that prowl the jungle but one if the hardest to spot because of its perfect camouflage. The jaguars jaw power can crush your skull in one bite making them very deadly but sadly they now eat domestic sheep so the farmers shoot them. As well as the farmers poachers kill them for their beautiful coats to be turned into coats for humans that want to look jazzy. But thanks to the conservation teams the levels are now healthy again.





The Hamster:


One of the cutest pets and they are quite easy to look after since they live in the desert. To look after them you need to change their water every two days and clean them out every week as well as change their food. Warning they can disappear into a room and can catch our colds so make sure someone else looks after it until you are very much better. They also need lots of toys to keep them busy because otherwise they will chew the bars (a bit like my hamster Hiccup). Hamsters come in lots of different colours and sizes such as the Chinese, Dwarf Russian and the biggest, the Syrian hamster.





The Siphonophore;


Only 1%of the world population knows about this strange creature. It is a colonial animal and is lead through the water by a bell at the front. It has stinging tendrils all along its body and as it lives so deep it has the ability to regenerate tendrils sting and all. It is the longest creature even longer than the blue whale but it is only as thick as a one pence coin. As it lives so deep down it has huge amounts of pressure pushing out so if it gets too close to the surface it will literally explode! Its close cousin is the man-o-war which stays near the surface.