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Clash of Clans


This game pretty much has it all. You build a base, train troops, attack other players’ bases to gain trophies and rise up the leagues. Plus, it’s just so satisfying when a wallbreaker blows a wall to bits.




This has got to be the ultimate sandbox game. It includes way too much stuff to list it all here, but in short, you spawn in a randomly generated world and have to build a house and craft weapons and tools to mine, kill monsters and enter alternate dimensions, with the addition of downloadable mods and multiplayer servers to enhance your experience. The negative 0.5 is that it tends to lag badly.

Pokémon Online


 Not the best Pokémon gaming experience, but still quite good. It’s basically an online version of the Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game). The bad part is it lags and there are too many bugs.