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#1 Clash of Clans

This game is totally 10/10!

Basically, you collect loot (which consists of elixir, gold, dark elixir.), train troops, attack people to get more loot, join a clan, take part in clan wars and try to get the best base ever!



#2 Minecraft


You absolutely have to play this game to have a good life! There are so many objectives that I can’t list them all here! Shortened, what happens is you spawn in a randomly generated area and you try to build a house and you craft tools to mine and defend yourself from monsters like zombies, skeletons, creepers and endermen.

#3 FIFA 15 UT


This game is a football game in which you make a team, play matches to earn coins and then you buy packs from the store, which contain multiple players or buy searched single players from the transfer market. The reason why I only rated 8.5 is because; recently they made it so you have to access your facebook account to get into the transfer market.


Gaming strategies!

Clash of clans strategies

Town Hall farming

Town hall farming is basically putting your Town Hall outside your walls. Although it will always give away a star, the person attacking you will probably focus only on your Town Hall whilst your defences smash them so they will only destroy your town hall and nothing else. This is an excellent way of protecting your loot.