Methodist Schools Partnership Art Day

On Tuesday 7th June, nearly 30 children from the four Methodist Schools in the Canterbury and East Kent Circuit (2 MIST and 2 MAST) came together for an art day based on the theme of peace.

The theme came from another part of the Methodist family - the charity 'All We Can' whose World AIMS project works with the schools and has had the theme as one of it's main emphases this year. World AIMS office, Sarah Nuzum joined the group for the day too.

The children from Boughton-Under-Blean and Dunkirk, St Peter's, Lorenden and Kent College Canterbury Junior School had a fantastic day working on symbols of peace. They created doves with messages of peace, coloured in the flags of countries which are in situations of conflict. They heard the story of paper cranes - long a symbol of peace in Japan - and made their own, creating mobiles to take back to their schools. They also made posters using symbols of peace.

A great time was had by all.

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