My first few weeks at home

Mr G collected me in the middle of August from Karen, who I had been living with since I was born.

He took me home and let me have a good sniff around the house and garden. 









It was very quiet in the house, until Mr G's children came home! They are such fun! Phoebe loves to help teach me new things, and I think Finn is just like one of my brothers! I love to jump all over him!


During the next couple of weeks, I noticed that every time I went to the toilet in the garden there was a clicking sound made ... and I got lots cuddles and a treat! I am still trying really hard to only go to the toilet in the garden, but sometimes I just can't keep my legs crossed for long enough and I have a little accident inside.

One morning, when Mr G came down to see me, I had had an accident and got a bit messy, so he put me in this big white thing and sprayed me with water! Then he put these nice smelling bubbles all over me and sprayed me again! It was lots of fun! 

We have been out on lots of walks and lots of people came to see me ... they kept saying I was 'cute', but I don't know what they mean!

We went on a really really long walk one day, and I got soooo tired that I decided I had gone far enough, so I laid down and refused to go any further ... this worked out really well because Mrs G picked me up and gave me a lovely cuddle as we walked along ... what a result!

During the holidays I met so many people! I even met a dog called Maisie, who lives with Mr G's mum. She is a lot older than me, but is lots and lots of fun to play with. Sometimes I think I might be a little too cheeky for her ... this is me sitting in her bed!