My first few weeks in school

Before all the children and staff came back, Mr G took me into St P's so that I could get used to my new office! I have a special place in his office that I can goand feel safe and comfortable. 


I found it quite tiring as there were lots of new smells to explore! I don't think Mr G was too happy when I fell asleep on his chair leg! He couldn't move until I woke up!


I have now begun my training, and we go to a lady called Lesley. She is lots of fun and I get to play with a black dog called Oscar! So far, I have been learning how to sit, lay down, stand and come back when my name is called. It's lots of fun, especially as I get lots of clicks, treats and cuddles every time I do it right! Mr G's daughter, Phoebe, also came along. She was really good at it (I think she is even better than Mr G!)



At the moment, I am only coming into school for short amounts of time, so that I can get used to the school, and all the noises now that the children are back! It's a little louder now!