What an exciting weekend!

This weekend, I went camping with my family and another 3 families!

There were so many people to play with, including 2 other dogs!

We went to Nethergong campsite, which was just so much fun. There were lots of places where I could walk, and lots of new smells to explore.

We stayed in a really cool tent, and each morning Mr G, Phoebe and Finn would take me on a walk around one of the lakes.

I got quite wet on these walks, but soon dried off when I laid in the sunshine!

It was really exciting as there were lots of ducks to talk to and frogs that hopped into the lake in front of me!

I even started talking to other dogs that were up very early (I think they were working on a nearby farm). Mr G didn't seem to happy that I wanted to talk to them, something to do with it still being night-time?

I got lots of cuddles from my new friends, especially Annabella and Holly.

It was quite tiring though, and I was really lucky that Hector let me snuggle on his special rug.