What a strange few days ... I have had an operation

On Thursday 6th October, Mr G took me along to my friends at Animed vets. I was really pleased to see Mark the vet again, he always gives me so many lovely cuddles.


Mark and Mr G listened to my heart and they were talking about how it wasn't quite working properly and what Mark was going to do to fix it.


Mr G left me with the lovely nurses and then they gave me some special medicine and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I didn't feel too happy and I was very sore. Lots of my hair on my chest and legs had been shaved off and I had a tube coming out of my side - what had happened?


I overheard Mark talking to Mr G on the phone saying that everything had gone really well. They had fixed the leaky valve on my heart and once I had recovered everything will be ok. Apparently I will be able to run and jump around like a normal dog! Amazing! 

Mr G came to collect me on Thursday evening and I was so happy to see him. The lovely nurse had wrapped me up in a snuggly blanket and we went to see some more vets in Canterbury where I stayed for the night and had so many cuddles. When Mrs G came to pick me up in the morning, the staff didn't want me to go because they were enjoying my cuddles so much!

We went back to see my friend Mark and I stayed with him for the day. They are all so kind at Animed, people kept coming to check on me. Even Mark's dog, Butter, popped in to see me which really cheered me up.

Mr G and Pheobe came to pick me up on Friday afternoon and I was so pleased to see them. Apparently I am not allowed to run around for a while or jump up ... which is really hard when I am so excited to see my family!

I have had a really chilled out weekend sleeping lots and having cuddles from everyone one in my family.  Even Nana Garratt came over to see how I was!

I have had so much attention over the past few days, I have felt a little bit like a celebrity! 

Mark put a little message on Animed's Facebook page about the operation and so many people have said lovely things - even my brothers and sisters have sent messages!

You can click here to see the post and all the messages. Mrs Naden contacted Mr G over the weekend to say that her Daughter, who is in China, had even heard about me and my operation!

I am going to have a few days off resting at home now, and Mr G has promised to buy me as special coat to wear to keep me warm, as it's pretty cold having no fur on one side of my body!

I can't wait to get back to work and see all the smiley children and staff at St Peter's, but I need to wait until I have had a check up with Mark before I can do things that make me excited!