Brian Moses Performance and Percussion workshop

 It was wonderful to see our children  transported by his live show, "Performance and Percussion".  To his audience's obvious delight, Brian reprised some established favourites such as "Walking my Iguana", "I Go Ape" and "Snake Hotel". On a more sombre note, the children were clearly moved by some of the poems from his anthology, "What Are We Fighting For?".
Later in the day,Brian  led writing workshops with Years 2, 3 and 4 producing some astonishingly perceptive poems with the children.
Brian possesses the three vital "E"s - Experience: Expertise: Enthusiasm. Without doubt he has done much to inspire that love of reading and writing poetry that here at St Peter's we work so hard to foster.
We have a good selection of Brian's poetry that can be borrowed from the Library.
( A special thank to Years 5 and 6 for making Our Teddy Bears' Picnic so special for Rainbow and Year 1. What wonderful role models!)