I have had a fun few weeks ... but it's quite hard work!!

Since my operation I have been feeling really good. I had to rest lots, and stay on my lead, even in the garden! This was really hard as I love running around chasing leaves!

During the half term break I went away with Nana G to see some of Mr G's family and made a new friend. Her name was Milly. (She looks just like Nana G's dog Maisie ... it was a little confusing!)

I had lots of fun playing and chasing her, just like I do with Maisie.


When we got back to school, I got to start my work hearing children read. It has been so lovely having children from across the school coming to read to me. I love hearing all about the different things that are happening in their books.



You may have noticed that my hair is a little shorter than normal. Mr G took me for a little trim to even out my hair (as the vet had to shave lots of it off for my operation). I am sure I heard him say to the groomers to take just a little bit off ... but they decided to make it all the same length! Thank goodnees Mr G has a nice warm coat for me to wear at the moment!