25. Healthy Eating/School Meals

We are part of the East Kent Healthy Schools Scheme and ask parents to support us as we implement this important initiative. Children may bring fruit, raw carrots or other healthy snacks to eat during morning break. They may also bring up to 20p to buy items from our Healthy Schools Tuckshop.
At lunchtime children may bring a packed lunch in a clearly named lunchbox or purchase a hot school meal prepared on site for a daily cost of £2.05 (price correct as at September 2017).  
Hot School Meals
School meals are provided by Caterlink Limited and the quality is monitored regularly. Children are regularly asked about their views on the range and quality of school meals and they are discussed by our school council and parent council. Menus are displayed in school and posted on our web site. 
Please bring money for lunches to the office in a named envelope on a Monday morning (cash or cheque). A vegetarian option is always available but please notify us in writing if your child has any food allergies or dietary requirements. 
Free meals are available for those parents who qualify and application forms are available from our School Office.
Universal Free School Meals
From September 2014 the government have been providing a free school meal for every child in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2. If you would like your child to have a free meal, all they need to do is inform their class teacher during the morning registration period. 
Packed Lunches
Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy and balanced packed lunch. Healthy Packed Lunch workshops are held each year to demonstrate a healthier lunchbox. 
A packed lunch should include:
only small quantities of fatty or sugary foods  
starchy, fibre rich food such as sandwiches, pitta bread, rice, pasta or potato salads with moderate quantities of meat, fish cheese, eggs or vegetarian equivalent
dairy products such as yogurts or cheese
Plenty of fruit and vegetables
A packed lunch should not include:
more than one packet of crisps (baked or low fat are preferable)
more than one small chocolate biscuit bar
fizzy drinks
energy drinks
We try to promote a polite, family dining atmosphere whilst children are eating and encourage good table manners. Our dedicated team of midday supervisors care for the children at this time and in the playground over the lunch break. 
If you would like your child to change their lunchtime arrangements – from packed lunch to a school meal or vice versa – please inform us in writing with payment in advance for school meals.
Milk in school
Free school milk is available from “Cool Milk at School” if your child is under five years of age. A 189ml carton of milk per day is also available from “Cool Milk” to all other children for a payment each term. Forms are available from the School Office if you would like to register your child as requiring milk. Children in years 3-6 who are entitled to a free school meal are also entitled to milk each day. Please inform the school office if you wish your child to have milk.