26. School Uniform/PE Wear

We believe that a feeling of school unity is achieved by wearing a uniform and ask you to send children to school in our school uniform.  School sweatshirts, cardigans and T-shirts with our crest embroidered may be bought from Tesco uniform online  or Barnum’s Schoolwear (in store or online), other items can be bought from chainstores. 
Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school crest (only available from Tesco uniform online, Your School Uniform or Barnum’s Schoolwear)
White polo shirt – plain or bearing school crest (available as above)
Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress
Black school shoes or plain black flat boots, without additions such as tassels and fur.
White or grey socks or tights
In the summer term, girls may wear royal blue and white checked summer dresses
In order to make life easier we ask you to dress children in Rainbow class in shoes with velcro and clothes with as few buttons as possible.
It is vital that all belongings are labelled so that we can return the mountains of lost property at the end of each week.
For safety reasons children may wear only stud earrings and these must be removed by the child for PE lessons. (No other jewellery is permitted).  We ask that children with long hair tie it back whilst in school.
All children need a PE kit, which should be clearly marked with their name and kept in a named shoe-bag.  The kit should comprise of:
o slip-on or velcro plimsolls
o plain navy shorts 
o Blue, green red or yellow T-shirt depending on the child’s school team
Children are asked to have their PE equipment in school all week and take it home regularly or during school holidays, to be washed.
School PE T-shirts printed with the school logo may be bought from Tesco uniform online, Your School Uniform or Barnum’s Schoolwear (in store or online).