34. School Sport/Physical Activity

It is our aim at St. Peter’s to provide all our pupils with opportunities to participate and succeed in a wide range of activities. While we place great emphasis on academic achievement, we also believe that children should be given a wide range of opportunities to succeed in non-academic areas such as P.E. and Sport. As a result, you will see us celebrating participation, promoting excellence and, most importantly, enjoying all forms of P.E. and sport at St. Peter’s. We have an annual Sports Day, which involves all children in enjoyable sporting activities where co-operation and team spirit are emphasised.  Children who enjoy football, cricket, netball and a variety of other sports are encouraged to join the school teams and regularly take part in interschool events and tournaments.  In addition, pupils are invited to attend a number of extra-curricular clubs throughout the year. The aim of the clubs is to develop a love of sport and physical activity. Children of all abilities are invited to attend and are taught the key skills of each sport.