If you would like your child to come to our school, please pop in and see us, or contact our school office.

Where waiting lists are in operation, we follow our admissions criteria which is set out below.

Admission Criteria 
St. Peter’s is a Voluntary Controlled Methodist School. We follow the Local 
Authority’s (LA’s) admission criteria. Applicants are ranked according to the 
following criteria: 
1. Children in the care of the Local Authority and children previously in the 
care of the Local Authority 
2. Current Family association (i.e. a sibling already in the school). 
3. Health and special access reasons. Evidence must be provided that 
demonstrates that this is the only school that can accommodate the 
child’s and/or the parent’s needs. 
4. Nearness of home. 
  1. Admissions Policy March 2018