Class 1 Letter Term 1 2018-2019

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 1,

Welcome to Class 1! I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer holidays and the children are ready and excited to start learning in Class 1.

I will be teaching in Class 1 alongside Mrs Meadows, our class Teaching Assistant and Mrs Whiting who covers PPA time on a Friday.

It was lovely to meet some of you during the ‘Meet the teacher’ session in July and I am looking forward to getting to know you all over the next few weeks.


We will be beginning with lots of work on word and sentence building as well as continuing to enjoy well known and well-loved stories, starting with Dear Zoo and Monkey Puzzle. We will also be using role play and pictures to help us tell stories.

We will be looking at books independently, with our buddies and other adults, individually or in small groups.

We will also be having daily Phonics sessions to work on our sounds as well as ‘Write Dance’ and Handwriting sessions which help us to work on gross and fine motor skills.


We will ensure that the children are familiar with reading, writing and ordering numbers from 0-20. We will develop practical strategies for adding and taking away as well as solving different kinds of problems.

A leaflet will be coming home with some suggestions for how you can help at home.


Seasons – over the course of the year we will be looking at the different seasons and how our environment changes. This will begin with Autumn.

Animals in including humans – we will be looking at different animals and how to sort and classify them using vocabulary such as; birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

PE: (Monday and Tuesday)

We are currently learning key skills needed for different games and how to use equipment carefully and with control.

We are also having weekly tennis sessions with Appeti tennis coaches. If your child would like to continue to have tennis coaching outside of school Appeti will be sending home letters with further information.


With Mrs Whiting we will be working on accessing programs ourselves and becoming more independent in using a variety of ICT equipment.

We will also be using a Paint program to make our own digital art.


We are beginning the year by looking at what Christians believe God is like, using the story of ‘The Prodigal Son’ and exploring the ideas about forgiveness.

Topic: Slither, fly, walk or swim?

We will be sorting, classifying and finding out about all kinds of animals. We will also be making mosaic lizards and looking at the artist Gaudi.

We love to read!

Please make sure your child’s book bags and reading books are in school every day.

We like to go out and about! Where possible we like to be able to make the most of the school setting by using the local environment and places of interest. We cannot do this without a team of adult helpers! If you might be able join us for an Autumn walk/ visit to Canterbury castle/ town trail then please could you let me know and I can give you some further dates or information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me, either before or after school. I have also attached a ‘Frequently asked questions’ sheet which will hopefully help answer some questions about new things in Class 1.

Mrs Beard

Frequently asked questions about Class 1…

Do the children sit at desks all the time?

No, we still have whole class carpet time as well as working at desks. During the week the children may be found working at their desks, in the book corner, on the carpet, in the outdoor area or in other areas of the classroom. We also make use of the Library and other group rooms when needed.

Do the children work in groups?

Yes, generally the children work in small groups and we ensure that the adults in the class rotate round so we work with everyone. Groups are flexible throughout the year and are based on targets we are currently working on. Children will be in groups for English, Maths and Reading but not necessarily the same group each time. In the afternoons children are usually on their ‘home tables’. We encourage children to work with all different members of the class so they are not with the same group all the time.

Is there a big jump in expectations from Rainbows to Class 1?

There are many changes between Rainbows and Class 1, however there are a lot of similarities too! Our classroom is split into different areas of learning, just like Rainbow class, however the children also have desks too. We still have Lion Learning Time but we also build towards more formal English and Maths lessons. This change is gradual and builds up slowly so the children keep their independence and love of learning however you may find in the first few weeks of Class 1 they are very tired!

How often are reading books changed?

Reading books are changed weekly on a child’s Special Day (see reading letter). They will have three book banded books a week as well a free choice book to share with an adult.

What is Special Day?

Special Day is a regular weekly opportunity for speaking and listening in the classroom which runs alongside snack time. It is time for children to learn to speak confidently in front of their peers as well as listen carefully enough to ask questions. A Special Day timetable was included in the reading letter.

Can my child bring in ‘tuck’ money?

Yes! A very exciting part of Class 1 is being able to spend tuck money at playtime to buy a healthy snack from our tuck trolley. This is also a fantastic opportunity to further develop our work on money. 5p, 10p and 20p coins are greatly appreciated to make it easier for the children.