Class 1 Letter Term 4 2018-2019

1st March 2019 
Dear Parents and Carers of Class 1,
Spring is on its way! What a fantastic last term the children had. We had a brilliant time in Forest School, braving all kinds of weather - but the fire and hot chocolate made it all worthwhile! I also could not be more proud of the writing the children produced, their postcards and recounts were wonderful, and it is one of the best parts of my job to see how much progress they have made since the beginning of the year. I hope you all enjoyed your special postcard delivery and thank you for the replies we received. Another busy term begins…
This term we will be building our stamina for writing by re-telling the story of Chicken Licken. We will use story maps and oral storytelling techniques to support our written work. As the weather continues to change, we will also be reading and writing Spring poems.
We will be looking at books independently, with our buddies and other adults, individually or in small groups such as during Book Talk.
We will also be having daily Phonics sessions to work on our sounds as well as ‘Write Dance’ and Handwriting sessions which help us to work on gross and fine motor skills.
We will continue with our work on counting, reading and writing numbers to 50 as well as counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We will also be measuring and comparing weight, height, length and volume using standard and non-standard units.
Materials – we will be naming, identifying and sorting examples of different materials such as; glass, metal, plastic, fabric and wood. We will also be using new and well-known vocabulary to describe these materials. We will begin to test materials based on their properties.
PE: (Monday)
This term we are focusing on skills such as aiming, striking and controlling using a range of different equipment.
Why does Easter matter to Christians? This term we will be learning about the Easter story and new life. We will be exploring ways in which Christians mark Holy Week and thinking about some of the values that might connect to this part of Jesus’ life.
Topic: Who was Henry Ford?
We will be finding out about cars we have today and comparing them to what cars looked like ‘a long time ago’. We will find out about what Henry Ford did and some of the earliest cars made. We will also have a look at how some other forms of transport have changed over the years and see if we can spot any similarities and differences. In Art we will be using wheels to create prints and during DT Day we will be making our own cars! 
This term we shall be producing digital artwork using the 2Paint program, looking at and recreating a range of famous paintings by a selection of artists.
This term our homework will look a little different. Please look out for the new format in your child’s homework book.
There will also be spellings coming home regularly which will be in a green spelling book. Please can you support your child in learning their spellings and return the book to school on Wednesdays so we can test them in school.
Thank you again to all the parent volunteers we have had offers from this term for our school trip, Forest School and other projects. We really couldn’t do it without you!
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me, either before or after school. Thank you again for all your support, especially with reading and homework projects. It really helps make a difference in the children’s progress and it is so lovely to have them come and proudly show off their learning or a project they have completed at home.
Thank you from the Year 1 team,
Mrs Beard, Mrs Whiting, Mrs Meadows and Mr Brogan