Class 1 Term 5 2018-2019

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 1,
I can’t believe I am saying it already but... welcome to the Summer Term! I hope you all had a brilliant Easter holiday and the children are all looking forward to the term ahead. It’s so lovely now the warmer weather is here to make the most of opportunities to take our learning outside and we hope to re-visit Forest School soon to see if there are more minibeasts than last time we visited. A huge thank you for all the hard work the children have put into their homework challenges last term. I really enjoyed seeing them during our Special Day sessions and displaying some of them in the classroom and the children really loved being able to share their additional knowledge about the topic. I look forward to seeing what they bring in this term.
This term we will be continuing to build our writing stamina and exploring Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. We will be completing some descriptive work, using adjectives as well as some instruction writing.
We will be looking at books independently, with our buddies and other adults, individually or in small groups such as during Book Talk. We will also be having daily Phonics sessions to work on our sounds as well as ‘Write Dance’ and Handwriting sessions which help us to work on gross and fine motor skills.
We will be looking at grouping objects and sharing them as part of multiplication and division as well as reinforcing counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. Then we will move on to fractions and finding 1⁄2 and 1⁄4 of shapes and sets of objects.
Finally we will be thinking about positional and directional language, including 1⁄2 and 1⁄4 turns.
Plants – we will be identifying and naming different plants, looking at their leaves and flowers. We will be
exploring the parts of a plant as well as... get your green fingers at the ready... growing our own! We will see how our plants change and grown (hopefully!) over time and measure them.
PE: (Wednesday)
This term we are focusing on striking and fielding games with Mr McCue from Canterbury Academy.
Who is Jewish and what do they believe? We are learning about the Jewish faith and which objects are special objects to Jews. We will also be exploring special celebrations such as Shabbat.
This term the children will learn how to enter and edit text in Microsoft Word and how to format the text by changing its colour or font, or by underlining it or making it italics.
Topic: What will the weather be like today?
We will be looking at UK maps and identifying the countries, capital cities and seas. We will also be talking about different types of weather as well as watching a few weather reports to give us some inspiration when recording our own using the ipads! In art we will be using the paints to colour mix and create work using primary, secondary, hot and cold colours.
We will be continuing with the homework ‘menu’ as they had last term. Please look out for the new format in your child’s homework book and/or on the website. There will also be spellings coming home regularly which will be in a green spelling book. Please can you support your child in learning their spellings and return the book to school on Wednesdays so we can test them in school.
This term we would like to complete a tree trail in Westgate gardens to support our learning in Science, please let me know if you are able to help out for a morning. We will also be smoothie making during our DT Day! If you are able to lend a hand helping the children prepare, mix and (if you are feeling brave!) taste the smoothies then we would really appreciate the additional help.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me, either before or after school.
Thank you from the Year 1 team,
Mrs Beard, Mrs Whiting, Mrs Meadows and Mr Brogan