Class 4 Letter Term 3 2018-2019

7th January 2019

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Class 4,


I hope you have had a restful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the lovely Christmas cards and gifts I received at the end of last tem; they were very generous! After spending time relaxing with family and friends, I am really looking forward to beginning the Spring Term and starting our new, exciting topics of learning!

In English this term the children will be exploring two different text genres: Instructions and persuasive writing. We will be identifying the different features of these genres and identifying the use of these in a range of high quality texts. The children will then be able to use and apply these skills to their own instructions and persuasive writing.

Maths lessons this term will continue to develop the children’s understanding of multiplication and division. They will be using resources, pictures and formal methods to support their understanding when using the formal written method for multiplication and division. The children will be solving a range of problems linked to this area of maths.

This term in Science we are learning all about different states of matter. The children will be exploring and comparing different materials, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. We will be completing practical investigations to explore what happens when materials are heated or cooled and we will then use this understanding when learning about evaporation and condensation in the water cycle. 

In Topic this term we are learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. The children will be learning about how these natural hazards occur and they will be researching different case studies from around the world. In art will be exploring some volcano-inspired artwork in the style of Andy Warhol and the children will then use this learning to paint their own volcano creations!

Within their RE learning, Class Four are going to be learning about ‘Gospel’. The children will be exploring the importance of love, and life in the world today and they will have the opportunity to discuss their own ideas. The children will be learning about Healthy Lifestyles in their PSHCE lessons. This will include exploring a range of ways of how to keep physically healthy and how the children can look after themselves.

This term the children will be taking part in music lessons linking to our Topic: Volcanoes and Earthquakes. The children will listen to different types of music inspired by these events and they will then be working to compose their own piece of music following this theme. In French the children will be learning new vocabulary for the days of the week and the months of the year. The class will also learn how to ask someone when their birthday is, as well as talking about their own birthdays.

Within their computing learning, Class Four will be developing their PowerPoint skills. The children will learn how to add more advanced animations to their PowerPoint presentations and they will then share these with the class.


Home Learning: The children will continue to have their homework set on a Friday and it will be due back into school on the following Wednesday. Please continue to support your children to read for ten minutes every day and to practise their times tables regularly. I have been really impressed with the children’s enthusiasm towards their reading and I love to hear about the books that they have been reading at home!


PE: This term the children will now have their PE lesson on a Wednesday afternoon where they will be taking part in Gymnastics lessons. The class will be learning how to show control and balance when completing different movements and they will be working towards a final performance to the class at the end of the term. 


If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to speak to me on the playground before or after school with any questions or information that I may need to know. I am very proud of the fantastic attitude and learning in Class Four so far and I am excited to see the children continue to enjoy their brilliant learning as we move into Term 3! Well done!


Many thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes,

Miss L Mills                                                        

Class 4 Teacher