Class 4 Letter Term 5 2018-2019

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Class 4,
I hope that you have enjoyed a restful Easter break and that the children are coming back to school ready for another exciting term of learning! The Class Four teaching team continues to include myself, Mrs McLanaghan, Miss Mason and Mr Luck.
In English this term the children will be planning and writing their own balanced arguments. They will be working hard to include the features of a balanced argument in their writing, for example by including formal language and a range of conjunctions to help their ideas to flow cohesively. The children will then move on to narrative writing where they will be using different techniques to make their writing exciting and engaging for the reader.
Maths lessons this term will continue to develop the children’s understanding of decimals. The class will be learning how to solve more complex problems involving comparing, ordering and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. We will then be moving onto our ‘Money’ unit where the children will be learning how to round numbers when estimating money as well as solving problems involving all four operations.
This term in Science we will be exploring and classifying a range of living things. The children will be learning about how environments can change and how this can sometime pose dangers to living things. We will be exploring and using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment.
In our Topic this term, the children will be learning about different types of UK settlements. The children will be discussing and comparing the human geography of Canterbury and other local settlements and we will be looking at how these places have changed over time. Within our Art learning, the children will be developing their sketching skills to create artwork linked to famous locations around our beautiful city of Canterbury.
Within their RE learning, Class Four are going to be learning about what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today. The children will be exploring how Hindus express their faith through puja, aarti and bhajans and they will be comparing the similarities and differences between Hindu worship and other religious traditions. In PSHCE, the children will be exploring and discussing different ways of keeping safe. This will include a range of activities and conversations surrounding how we can keep safe in our everyday lives.
In French the children will be learning about the vocabulary for different places in a town. The children will be learning how to ask and answer the question "Qu'est qu'il y a dans ta ville?" Within their computing learning, Class Four will be extending their coding skills when learning about more advanced ‘Variables’ when using Scratch. This term the children will be exploring music from different traditions in their music lessons. We will be learning about a range of traditional instruments and comparing the similarities and differences of a variety of traditional music pieces.
Home Learning: The children will continue to have their homework set on a Friday and it will be due back into school on the following Wednesday. Please continue to support your children to read for fifteen minutes every day and to practise their times tables regularly. Every week the children will be set a Maths task to complete. The children can then choose one task from the English or Topic grid to complete.
PE: This term the children will be developing their striking and fielding skills in PE and they will then be able to apply these skills when playing in a game of Rounders. Class 4 will have their PE lessons on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit ready for their lesson each week.
If you wish to contact me please do not hesitate to speak to me on the playground before or after school with any questions or information that I may need to know. I am really proud of all of the hard work Class Four have been doing so far and I am excited to have another fantastic term of learning in Term 5!
Many thanks for your continued support.
Best wishes,
Miss Mills, Mrs McLanaghan, Miss Mason and Mr Luck
Class 4 Team