Class 5 Letter Term 5 2018-2019

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Class 5,
Welcome back! We hope you had a restful Easter break and are looking forward to an exciting summer term ahead. Just a reminder that the Year 5 Team are Mrs Pickles (Mon –Wed) and Mrs Wilson (Thurs – Fri). Mrs Morse is the Class Teaching Assistant. If you wish to contact us, please email us on the following addresses –
Our topic this term will be 'Where in the World?' We will be mainly focusing on the continent of Asia and the children will be researching different Asian cultures, customs and beliefs.
In English, the children will be starting the term with a focus on Poetry, followed by narrative writing.
In Maths, we will be continuing to focus on Decimals and will then be moving on to Geometry (properties of shapes)
In Science this term, we will be learning about ‘Animals including humans’. The children will be
investigating and describing the changes as humans develop to old age.
Our focus in RE this term will be on ‘Judaism’ and the children will be exploring the following question –What does it mean to be Jewish in Britain today?
The children will continue to practice their digital literacy skills and their main Computing focus this term will be on ‘Robotics’.
Our main focus in PSHCE this term will be on ‘Me and my feelings’.
Mrs Wilson will be continuing to teach the class French lessons this term and the children will be learning the key vocab for some types of transport and the names of countries.
Home learning: Home learning will continue to be set on a Friday and is to be returned on the following Wednesday. The home learning will consist of a weekly Maths task and the children can choose one task from the Topic or English grid each week. This along with the weekly spellings can be found on our website under the Class 5 page. The children will continue to be given weekly spellings and times tables challenges to learn, ready for a test each Friday. We would also ask you to continue to encourage your child to read at home for at least 20 minutes a day and discuss what they have read. If your child is finding it difficult to make an appropriate choice of reading book, we are happy to guide them during library sessions.
PE: PE is on a Wednesday afternoon and this term the children will be doing Tennis and Rounders. Please can you ensure that your child has the correct kit, including sensible footwear.
We are looking forward to a busy and exciting Summer term! Many thanks for your continued support.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Pickles, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Morse
Where in the world?
Home learning
This term you will be choosing activities which interest you from the list below. If you need to borrow any resources please make sure you ask your teacher in plenty of time. Please bring your home learning in on a Wednesday.
If you have any alternative ideas please speak to your teacher about swapping one on the list with your own idea. Your ideas are wonderful! REMEMBER - how you present your work is very important. If you wish to present your home learning as a PowerPoint presentation, please ensure that it only contains relevant content and email it to
1. Research an Asian country and write down 8 facts about it.
2. Choose an Asian country and research about its national dish. Create a menu.
3. Make a short travel brochure about an Asian country of your choice.
4. Find out about an animal that is native to an Asian country of your choice.
5. Plan a journey to an Asian country and record the details of your journey. (How would you get there? How long would it take?)
6. Pack a suitcase for a trip to an Asian country – Explain why you have packed these items.