Class 6 Letter Term 2 2018-2019

2nd November 2018
Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Class 6
Welcome back to an exciting new term. We hope you had a restful half term break. The children produced some wonderful learning last term both in class and at home. We are very proud of their achievements both academically and in the sports tournaments.
Just a reminder that the Year 6 Team are Miss Webb and Mrs Campbell is the class teaching assistant. On a Thursday, Mrs Wilson also teaches the class Math, MFL and Ms Walters takes them for their weekly music lesson. We are lucky to have with us, our student teacher Miss Percy from Christchurch University who is joining the class every Tuesday. If you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to email me on the following address –
Our new topic this term will be The Amazon Rainforest. We will be using this theme for our Art day this term where we will explore mixing colour through a number of different materials. Creating a final painted piece that shows all the different colours of the trees and plants in that fantastic Biome. We will also use this theme in our English lessons week 1-3 where we will be reading, analyzing and evaluating a range of formal letters before writing our own persuasive protest letter to stop the deforestation of the Rainforest.
The second part of the term in English will consist of narrative texts. An ideal time to explore the author Charles Dickens and his famous novel, ‘A Christmas carol’. Children will be learning about the author himself, his inspirations, analysing key characters, discussing settings and using all of these skills to write their own narrative piece just before the end of term. We will also do weekly spelling practice, grammar work, and handwriting practice.
In Maths, our focus this term will be on multiplication and division. The children will be learning about multiples, factors, prime and squared numbers. Later in the term, they will also be consolidating their learning on how to divide and multiply fractions; both proper and improper.
In Science this term, we will be learning about ‘Fossils, inheritance, and evolution’. Looking into the world of variation and a key scientist Charles Darwin. Please encourage your child to do their own research at home and to visit the local library if possible to delve more deeply into Fossils and the invaluable information they provide.
Home learning: Home learning will continue to be set on a Friday and is to be returned on the following Wednesday. It will consist of English, Math and Topic or perhaps to write a prayer for a special occasion. The children will continue to be given weekly spellings and times tables challenges to learn, ready for a test every Friday. Please encourage daily reading of 15-20 minutes to encourage a greater range of vocabulary to be utilised in their writing. Discussions based on what they have read is also vital to ensure comprehension of the text is taking place.
PE: We begin our swimming lessons this term on Monday 19th November. The children have enjoyed being coached by Mr McCue in Term 1 and will continue to be taught by him in some of the after school clubs that are currently running. Please can I remind children that the school expectations of a PE kit is the standard school colours and not a football shirt or gym clothes. There were several children on a weekly basis who did not bring in their PE kit and therefore was unable to participate. Class 6 will still be having PE on a Wednesday for the first 3 weeks of term and will need to bring in the full kit.
We are looking forward to a very busy, festive and exciting term! Many thanks for your continued support.
Yours sincerely,
Miss. L Webb