Class 6 Letter Term 3 2018-2019

1st March 2019
Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Class 6
Welcome back to a fun packed new term. We have lots lined up including National Book Week, our very own school Shakespeare club performance, KS2 disco, a Dogs Trust workshop, Comic Relief day, Walk 4 Water event, parents evening, the Easter service and many sports matches after school for our wonderful St Peter’s Teams.
Although we sadly have lost Miss Munday as our extra adult in class 6, we are happy to have Miss Ryan return back from maternity leave. Mrs Hunt continues to take the class on a Thursday and our student teacher Miss Percy from Christ Church University continues to join the class every Tuesday. If you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate to email me on the following address –  
I have spoken to most of you at the last parents evening but just to remind you all that we will be doing our second mock SATS week commencing 11th March. This is simply to get the children familarised with the papers, timings and test settings in preparation for the real ones in May. The previous results were a great help to see what areas each child needed to focus on in English and Maths. 
Our Topic this term is continuing with The Ancient Maya. We will be using this theme for our Art day this term where we will explore weaving bright coloured yarn to create a garment inspired by the Maya art and culture. 
Our DT Day this term we will be using gears and cams to hopefully design, plan and construct a successfully moving toy. 
This term in English we will be looking at persuasive letter writing and balanced arguments. For the persuasion letter writing, we will look at super sentence openers, logical connectives and how best to structure your writing. In our balanced argument section, pupils will learn emotive language, differences between fact and opinion and how to successfully support and justify different points of view. We will also continue with our weekly spelling tests, grammar work, and handwriting practice.
In Maths, our focus this term will be on the gaps found from our previous mock SATs as well as ratio, proportion and converting measurements. The children will be learning how to show equivalence, ordering and comparing of all of these sectors.
In Science this term, we will be learning about ‘How we see’. Looking into the world of light, reflection, refraction and key scientist Isaac Newton. Please encourage your child to do their own research at home and to explore the wonderful sights, shadows and spectrums around them and record the first hand invaluable information they provide. 
Home learning: Home learning will continue to be set on a Friday and is to be returned on the following Wednesday.  It will consist of a selection of English and Topic themed activities that the children are free to choose from.  The children will continue to be given weekly spellings and times tables challenges to learn, ready for a test every Friday.  Please encourage daily reading of 15-20 minutes to support a greater range of vocabulary to be utilised in their writing. Discussions based on what they have read is also vital to ensure comprehension of the text is taking place.
PE: We will be continuing to focus on invasion skills.  Please can I remind children that the school expectations of a PE kit is the standard school colours and not a football shirt or gym clothes. There were several children on a weekly basis last term who did not bring in their PE kit and therefore were unable to participate. Class 6 will still be having PE on a Tuesday after this week to allow space outside now the warmer weather is approaching.
We are looking forward to a very busy, challenging and exciting term! Many thanks for your continued support.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Webb, Mrs Campbell and Miss Ryan