Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum is more than just the National Curriculum. It is every experience the children have during their time at St Peter’s.


As a school, we have agreed on the following 6 areas that drive our curriculum:


·      Resilience

·      Creativity

·      Collaboration

·      Aspiration

·      Independence

·      Emotional and Social Awareness


As a staff team, these have been further developed into statements explaining what each driver would look like in the Early, Middle and Later parts of the school. Please click on the links below to see these statements

Throughout the curriculum, these drivers will be brought into the everyday learning experiences of each child. 

In term 1, we focussed on Collaboration.

Here is a video from our pupils talking about when they have been collaborating.

  1. 1 St Peter's Curriculum Drivers
  2. Aspiration E M L
  3. Collaboration E M L
  4. Creativity E M L
  5. Emotional and Social Awareness E M L
  6. Independence E M L
  7. Resilience E M L