Daily Collective Worship

We start most days with our collective worship as we believe it sets the tone for the rest of the school day and puts our Christian ethos at the very heart of what we do and who we are. Teachers and children are present and it is a special time for the school community. Our week finishes with a Celebration Worship on a Friday afternoon.

Each week, we have a new theme for our collective worship. The themes include our Christian Values and a range of other ideas relevant to our children's experiences. Our themes can also be responsive to what is happening in the wider world.

Worship usually follows the following pattern:

On Mondays, our class teachers lead Key Stage Worship, introducing the theme for the week through bible stories and prayer but in a more specifically age related way.

On Tuesdays, we gather as a whole school and our worship is led by Reverend Tim.

On Wednesdays, the whole school joins together once again for Choral Worship. As a Methodist school, worship through singing is very important to us and the weekly theme is explored through hymns and prayer.

On a Thursday we meet together as a whole school community. During this time we often have a visiting speaker joining us from other local churches or organisations.

On a Friday afternoon we celebration all that has happened during the week as a whole school. We sing Happy Birthday, share schools news and certificates are awarded for learning and for demonstrating our Christian Values.

During all of our daily collective worship sessions, we say together our school prayer and also reflect on John Wesley's Rule. Our children are regularly involved in leading different aspects of our worship including lighting the candle, singing, prayer and opportunities for quiet reflection. 




Whilst parents have the right to withdraw a child from worship, our children and staff view this as a special and important part of our school day. We participate with respect and a growing understanding of our own spirituality. It provides an opportunity to explore our own beliefs, deepen our understanding of our school Christian Values and the character of God and reflect upon the world around us in a safe and accepting community. We therefore encourage children of all faiths and none to attend.

  1. Themes for collective worship 2018-19