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Term 3 Home Learning

Ancient Greeks! Homework

This term you will be choosing activities which interest you from the list below. If you need to borrow any resources please make sure you ask Mrs Wilson or Mrs Walters in plenty of time. Every Wednesday you will bring in your piece of homework and we will look at it as a class. If you have any alternative ideas please speak to us about swapping one on the list with your own idea. Ideas are wonderful! REMEMBER! How you present your work is very important.

  1. Make a timeline – it could be about a person or event
  1. Read a non-fiction book about The Ancient Greeks. Write down at least 3 facts you learn so that you can share them with the class.
  1. Design and make a model of an object related to the Ancient Greeks.   You can use any type of material that you want for your model.
  1. Make a holiday brochure or leaflet about Greece. 
  1. Find an interesting website and show it to the class. Write down at least 3 facts you learned from it. Think of an interesting way to display these facts.
  1. Research clothes worn by the Ancient Greeks and design your own costume.
  1. Write about or draw the differences between Ancient Greece and Greece today.
  1. Write a story, diary entry or poem imagining you are an Ancient Greek.
  1. Write a book review about a Greek myth you have read. Don’t forget to include a summary of the plot and why you liked it or not.
  1. Make up a word search or crossword using key words about Ancient Greece.
  1. Research a famous Greek – create a fact file or poster showing the information you have found out.
  1. Write your own Greek myth.



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This term's spelling lists (one column to be learnt each week):

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  1. How to help your child with spellings