Home Learning

Please see below for all the information you need about this term's  home learning:

Where in the world?

Home learning

This term you will be choosing activities which interest you from the list below. If you need to borrow any resources please make sure you ask your teacher in plenty of time. Please bring your home learning in on a Wednesday.

If you have any alternative ideas please speak to your teacher about swapping one on the list with your own idea. Your ideas are wonderful! REMEMBER - how you present your work is very important. If you wish to present your home learning as a PowerPoint presentation, please ensure that it only contains relevant content and email it to gpickles@st-peters-canterbury.kent.sch.uk

1.     Research an Asian country and write down 8 facts about it.

2.     Choose an Asian country and research about its national dish. Create a menu.

3.     Make a short travel brochure about an Asian country of your choice.

4.     Find out about an animal that is native to an Asian country of your choice.

5.     Plan a journey to an Asian country and record the details of your journey. (How would you get there? How long would it take?)

6.     Pack a suitcase for a trip to an Asian country – Explain why you have packed these items.


This term's spelling lists (one column to be learnt each week):

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  1. How to help your child with spellings