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Topic Homework: Rivers

Please choose one activity to complete each week.  If you need to borrow any resources please make sure you ask Mrs Walters or Mrs Wilson in plenty of time.

Please bring your homework in on a Thursday.

If you have any alternative ideas please speak to either Mrs Walters or Mrs Wilson about swapping one on the list with your own idea. Ideas are wonderful!

  1. Write a story with a rive theme.  Maybe there is a river monster or the river creatures come to life! Use your imagination.
  1. Create a sculpture of a river creature or plant. E.g. A bulrush, water lily, fish, tadpole, otter, etc.
  1. Find the lengths of the world’s 5 longest rivers. Write the lengths in order from shortest to longest. How much longer is the longest river to the second longest?
  1. Draw or paint a picture of a river scene. You could use watercolours or try a different style of painting e.g. pointillism.
  1. Create your own river quiz/word search/cross word including at least 5 questions. Challenge your family and friends to answer them.
  1. Find out about the work of the RSPB and how they help to protect the habitats of birds that live around rivers. Write a paragraph about the work they do.
  1. Create a game about a British river. (It could be about its journey from the source to the sea).
  1. Compose your own piece of river music, using an instrument of your choice. Either record your music or perform it to the class.
  1. Make a 3D landscape model of a river.  It must include at least 4 features found on the river.
  1. Create a fact file on a British river. Include the river’s name, length, depth at its deepest, the place of its source and mouth and any major towns and landmarks. 
  1. Label the longest river in each continent on a map of the world.
  1. Research, design and make a model a bridge. Bring in your model or a photo of it and your design.
  1. Compare two different river scenes by the artist Claude Monet. Explain which you prefer and why? What colours and objects can you see in the paintings?
  1. Write your own river poem – use personification, similes or metaphors.

Please email any home to class5@st-peters-canterbury.kent.sch.uk

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