Monty the school dog

For a number of months we have discussing the benefits of a school dog.  Over the summer of 2016, Monty a cockerpoo joined Mr Garratt's family and has been busy learning lots of things so that he is ready to come into school.

There are a number of school dogs already in post locally and around the country. I am sure you will agree that this is an exciting opportunity for the school, but may have some questions. Outlined below is some more information about having a school dog.


What are the benefits of a school dog?

·  A calming effect on pupils, particularly those with behavioural or learning difficulties

·  Encouraging expression and participation in more withdrawn children

·  Fostering a sense of responsibility

·     Improved behaviour, attendance and concentration, reduced stress and improved self- esteem

·  Motivating pupils to think and to learn, as most children have a high level of natural interest in, enthusiasm for, and enjoyment of animals

·  Encouraging respect and thereby improving pupils’ relationships with each other, parents and teachers

·  Teaching children to nurture and respect life

·  Helping work undertaken with the most vulnerable children, and educational improvements with lower achievers

·  Helping children build confidence in reading –

How will the school plan for this?

·       A full risk assessment and policy will be written.

·       Consent will be sought for each child to have contact with Monty.

·       All contact with children will be carefully planned and children will not be left unsupervised with Monty.

·       When not working, Monty will be based in one of the school offices.

What about allergies?

·       Monty is a cockapoo (a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodel). The poodle element means that he has low allergy and non shedding qualities.

·       All areas of the school are vacuumed and surfaces are wiped down daily.

·       Movement around the school will be controlled in a similar way to Flopsy, the school rabbit.

·       Any child working with Monty will wash their hands and use a lint roller before returning to class.

·       A full management plan is being introduced regarding allergies.

What other schools have school dogs?

·       Locally, St Stephen’s Infants and Whitstable Juniors have resident school dogs. Herne Infants has a regularly visiting therapy dog.

·       Around the country there are many schools who have their own school dog including Hope Primary, who have recently set up their own ‘dog blog’, which contains a very good video explaining the benefits:

How can I follow Monty's progress?

·  Monty has his own blog, where you can find out what he has been up to. Click on the link to the right to see his 'dog blog'.

·  Follow Monty's progress on twitter: @Montyschdog