Our Christian Values in action

Through our collective worship, we aim to engage our pupils through considering the preferences of all four spiritual styles: word, emotion, symbol and action. These four spiritual styles are the different ways in which people express their spirituality and experience God.

We offer a range of different ways for individuals to engage with their spirituality. This may be through:

Personal reflections

 Here are a few examples of the children's thoughts on how themes introduced in worship are relevant to their daily lives:

'Easter means to me a clean, new start as Jesus rose from the dead. We have eggs because it is like the chicks hatching. Easter is also when you can ask to be forgiven for the bad that you have done and start over.'

'I have responded to God's call when I had an argument with my sister. I knew that I should stop and so I did.'

'When I give money to charity I feel joy as I know I have helped somebody and we show love and compassion when we do this. It brings us together when we do Red Nose Day.'

'When I was little, I wouldn't listen to my mum and dad but now, having learnt about the ten commandments, I think I should respect my mum and dad a lot more.'

Evaluating worship

We regularly evaluate our collective worship and pupils, staff, parents and governors are involved in this process. Through this system, we listen to the thoughts of others and continually strive to improve the experiences for our children and staff.

Presenting ideas during worship

Children are  given opportunities to present and share their ideas during worship. This may be through drama, reflections on the weekly theme, questions, presentations and quizzes, responses to the thinking questions and leading special worship sessions.


As a Methodist school, the tradition of worship through singing is strong at St Peter's. Children and staff are both involved in choosing hymns to accompany weekly themes and for key services through the year. Children are encouraged to sing with enthusiasm and learn or create actions to different hymns. We have a very active choir, who perform at school and national events and in our community.

Quiet reflection

Time is provided during each worship session for quiet reflection. This may sometimes be through periods of silent thought or prayer and through thinking questions that are displayed as children enter the worship space. Reflective prayer spaces can be found around school, in our outside areas and in our church. Members of the school community of all faiths and none, are encouraged to engage with these spaces in any way that they feel comfortable.


We use prayer during worship, through reflective spaces, before lunch and at the end of the school day. We say our school prayer during worship in school and the Lord's Prayer when participating in worship in our church. The children are regularly involved in writing and sharing their own prayers during worship.

Engaging with outside spaces and nature

We have reflective spaces in our outside areas, including a prayer garden designed and created by our children, based around our Christian values.

Interactive reflective spaces

We place interactive reflective spaces around school, in all classrooms, our outside spaces and our church. These spaces are interactive and accessible to all pupils and staff at all times. Parents and carers are also welcome to engage with these spaces before and after school.

Sharing ideas on how to improve

We hold regular pupil conferencing and ideas gathering activities on how we can improve our collective worship and further develop our Christian Values. Our Christian distinctiveness is also a regular agenda for our school council.

Social action projects

Our school council lead the school in social action activities. This is often fund raising for a range of charities, including the Methodist charity 'All We Can', along with the local food bank and community projects. Individual children are also encouraged to share ideas for social action projects linked to areas they are passionate about.