Rainbow Class Term 5 Letter 2018-2019

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils of Rainbow class,
We hope you have had a wonderful Easter break with your families, enjoying the glorious weather we have been blessed with. We are excited about starting the term and are looking forward to the wonderful opportunities we have planned.
Our topic this term is ‘Growing.’ We will be caring for some eggs and watching them hatch into chicks. We
will have lots of opportunities to grow flowers and vegetables in the forest school and in our own garden in the Rainbow area too. The children’s interests are still the priority but it is important for us to develop their curiosity and love of learning too.
In maths this term we will be focusing on securing knowledge with numbers to 20, counting on and back to
find the answer and looking at doubling, halving and sharing numbers too. We will also have opportunities to weigh objects, tell the time, and explore making containers full, half full and empty. We will also go on 3D shape hunt and will be looking at coins too.
We will be focusing on our letter formation, writing sentences that contain a capital letter and full stop and ensuring we know all the sounds and digraphs that have been taught so far this year. We will have lots of opportunities to write for different purposes, from explaining the lifecycle of a chick or labelling the parts of a flower to writing our own story about the very Hungry Caterpillar.
We read lots of stories in Rainbow class and this term we will be looking at non-fiction texts and how they are different to the stories we hear. We may even write our own fact books.


This term we will be continuing with PE on a Tuesday afternoon where we will be consolidating
our ball skills and ensuring we are effective with our throwing and catching and applying this to game situations. Write dance will still be on the timetable for a Thursday afternoon.
Miss Tydeman is teaching PSHE this term on a Wednesday morning. This term the topic is ‘Me and growing and changing.’
Expressive Arts and Design
The class are given opportunities to decide what they would like to create using paint, junk modelling, different materials and textures with guidance given when needed and suggestions being shared too.
Understanding the World
We will be learning out in the Forest School this term, where the children will be able to investigate minibeasts, make bird feeders, go on hunts to see what wildlife visits our forest school and learn how to be safe around a campfire. We will be continuing our visits to the computer suite where we will be playing phonics and maths games, drawing pictures and looking at taking pictures and videos on the iPads too.
We also have some eggs which we are keeping warm in an incubator for 21 days before they will hatch. We are looking forward to caring for them.
In RE our big question is ‘which stories are special and why?’
Other Information and Dates for the diary
We will be going out on a local visit to a fruit and vegetable shop and I am currently working out if a trip to a garden centre is a possibility and I will let you know if it goes ahead.
Thursday 16th May at 9.15am is our class worship in the Church. This is a chance for us to showcase our learning to you all and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.
Many thanks for all your continued support,
Miss Bergin, Mrs. Gooderham, Miss Fuller and Miss Tydeman.