St Peter's News 19.10.18

St Peter’s News 19th October 2018 

Doing all the good that we can through faith, love and excellence 

  • Year 2 led our collective worship on Thursday with a focus on their work in the Forest School. They very much appreciated those parents and family members that were able to attend. 


  • On Thursday a team of year 6 players took part in a handball competition at Canterbury Academy 


  • There have been a number of Design Technology days taking place this week. The children have enjoyed a range of different activities during these days. A special thank you to Mrs Graves who came in to lead our year 3 day. 
Diary Dates 
19th End of term 1
20th Yrs 3 & 4 Canterbury Festival parade
29th Start of term 2 
5th School Nurses – Flu Vaccinations
7th Individual Photographs
8th Year 6 to Cathedral Schools Day – more information to follow
9th Remembrance Service – 9.15am    in the church
Please be aware that we shut the school gates at 8:45am. We are keen for this to happen promptly as that allows staff members to get to class and start supporting the learning as quickly as possible. I know this can be frustrating if you are just a minute late but there is a lot of learning to fit into the school day. The school gate opens at 8:30 and the children start making their way to the classes just before 8:45 to allow for this prompt start.  
We are keen for the all parents to be able to talk to teachers if there are any problems or concerns and they are generally available on the playground for a couple of minutes at the beginning of the day and again at 3:15pm. If ever you feel that you would like to have a longer conversation the teacher, please make an appointment so that the teacher can give you time you need and we know that the prompt start of the day is not disrupted.
This week worship has been led by Mrs Duffy, Mrs Pickle, Revd, Tim, Mrs Wade and Mr Way.  Year 2 also led a class worship and shared a lovely prayer written by Reegan:
Dear God, Thank you for making trees for us to climb, bushes for the animals and flowers.
Thank you for letting us go to forest school and having lots of fun.
Thank you for friends, family and food. Amen 
Following the appointment of Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies, school prefects have also been announced. Congratulations to Tommy, Amelie, Kseniia, Szymon, Iliana, Anoushka and Joury. 
Congratulations to Miss Ryan on the birth of her daughter, Amelia. She arrived at the weekend and has already paid a visit to the school! 
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The first week of October was Maths Week and our focus this year was Maths through stories. Each class was given a story focus and were encouraged to complete investigations by ‘building it’ and ‘drawing it’ in order to ‘solve it’. It has been brilliant to see and display a wonderful collection of work and photographs from the week as well as hear the lovely feedback from the children and parents about how much they have enjoyed their week. If you are in school collecting your child please take a moment to have a look at our Maths Week display (outside Class 1) and the collection of homework from the children (in the library). 
Thank you to Mrs Hunt and Mrs Lazaro-Fitzgerald for running workshops for some of our children. 
Thank you to Mrs Hunt’s team of children who are drafting their own Maths story… we look forward to its publication! 
Thank you to the teachers for planning exciting opportunities for your classes. 
Thank you children for getting stuck in and coming to share your learning with me! 
 What I liked about Maths Week were the stories we created because it was fun making our own books. Mine was about a meerkat family that wanted to know how many friends they had. We also enjoyed a story called Bean Thirteen. I can’t wait for next Maths Week!  
from Sophie (Class 3)
We read ‘The Great Pet Sale’ with Mrs Wilson. We had to solve problems with money and work out how many pets we could buy with our budget.  
We also read ‘Bean Thirteen’ with Mr Mare. We had to see if 13 was an odd number and it is so we couldn’t share out the beans equally! 
from Grace C (Class 3) 
Mrs Beard