St Peter's News 9.11.18

St Peter’s News 9th November 2018
Doing all the good we can through faith, love and excellence
  • A group of children from Class 1 had the very exciting opportunity of taking part in some filming at Westgate Gardens on Tuesday.


  • Class 6 attended the annual Cathedral Schools Day on Thursday and were involved in leading the service at the end of the day, writing prayers to share with children from all the schools attending.


  •  We are busy giving tours of the school for families with a child due to start school in September 2019. If you would like to book in a tour, please do contact the school office.


  • A selection of children from year 4 took part in an inter school athletics competition on Thursday.
Diary Dates
13th PGL Trip Information Meeting for Year 5 parents – 3.15pm in Class 6
16th Children in Need
16th PTFA Quiz Night
23rd Group of Year 5 children to Languages morning at Christ Church University
3rd Choir singing at the Gulbenkian Theatre
4th & 5th Parent & Teacher Consultations
6th Whole school trip to Pantomime at the Marlowe Theatre – details to follow
12th Whole school Christmas dinner
13th Nativity – 9.15am and 2pm
18th Carol service - 2pm
Children in Need – Friday 16th November
Our school council have been busy organising our fundraising this year. Please support our ‘Spotty Day’ and Bring and Buy sale. See the letter sent by the children for more information.
December Diary Dates - Please note that we have changed some of the diary dates for events in December.
  • Parent consultation evenings will now run on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th December.
  • Our infant nativity play will now be on Thursday 13th December at 9.15am and 2pm.
  • The carol service will be on Tuesday 18th December at 2pm.
This week worship has been led by Mrs Clark-Murphy, Revd Tim, Mrs Duffy and Mr Way.
The children took part in a lovely remembrance service in the church today led by Revd Tim and you are warmly invited to the Service at St Peter’s Church on Sunday morning, starting at 10.30am.
Please remember that we are a nut free school, so children should not have nuts as part of their morning
snack or packed lunch. Many thanks for your support with this matter.
Christmas Cards
This year, instead of sending each other Christmas cards, staff will be making donations to the Sadie Bristow
Foundation. We will still have a post box for the children to send cards to one another, but will also have a
giant Christmas card display for children and staff to write their messages to one another. If you would like to
make a donation to the Sadie Bristow Foundation instead of sending individual cards, these donations should
be brought to the school office in a clearly labelled envelope.
Please can we also ask that small gifts are not included in any Christmas cards as this has caused a few issues
in the past when they have been left behind or misplaced. Thank you.
Now that the weather has turned colder, please ensure your child is sent to school with appropriate clothing for outdoor break times, all of which needs to be named clearly.
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