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After School Club

The After School Club is available to parents/carers that require child care after the school day has ended at 3:15pm.

The club is open during term times and the daily sessions begin at 3:15pm and end at 6:00pm.

The daily cost is currently £8.00 per session per child. It is situated within the school and therefore we benefit from many of the facilities that the school has to offer. The setting is primarily based in the school hall and the staff members create a variety of play spaces to meet the children's play needs in addition to other activities that the staff engage in to stimulate the children during their time at the club.

The club consists of five permanent members of staff. Each of the staff members work within the school during the day. They all have different roles and responsibilities. Many are class based or work within a class offering 1:1 support throughout the school day. We have found that this creates a sense of familiarity for the children, parents and the teaching staff and allows there to be positive and effective communication during transition periods.

Our aim is to ensure that all children, especially the Early Years Foundation Stage children, joining the club are made to feel as comfortable as can be and that their needs are met by the club and its staff. The play spaces are set up daily with the children in mind. In order to make the transition seamless for new children the club asks parents/carers to work with the children to complete an admission form and to attend a free 'Taster Session' as this provides the club staff with information about the children that will allow them to ensure the child has things that will interest them and potentially make them feel more comfortable during their time at the setting. The club works to ensure that all the developmental needs of the children are met by the activities and the club staff. The staff liaise with one another, the child's parents/carers and class teachers to identify and meet the individual needs of each child.

The club provides a daily snack that is freshly prepared by the club staff. Each day has two options to choose from and the menu can be viewed by parents and children. The menu consists of all healthy snacks and the club requests that they be made aware of all individual dietary requirements and preferences to ensure the children are offered suitable options.

We invite all parents/carers to come for a 'taster session' to introduce their child to the club, staff and routine of the club, also to learn about the activities we offer.

For further information please request a welcome pack from the After School Club or from the school office or email:

We look forward to meeting all potential parents/carers and children that may choose to use the club throughout their school journey.

Yours sincerely,

The After School Club Team.

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