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Design Technology

Our Curriculum Intent

 ‘Design and Technology is all about making things that people want and which work well.  Creating these things is hugely exciting.  It is an inventive, fun activity.’

(James Dyson)

 At St Peter’s we believe DT offers opportunity for curiosity, creativity and practical cross-curricular projects and is an inspiring, powerful , relevant and enjoyable vehicle for extending children’s learning.

Our DT curriculum is often used to enrich a class topic, where relevant links can be made, or is inspired by the local area, providing a context and purpose for the learning. For example; children in Key Stage 1 look at local castles, while Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to create products for their ‘Buddies’ lower in the school as well as investigate the early engineering behind the building of Canterbury Cathedral.

We focus on teaching Design and Technology either over a full day or part days over a ‘DT week’ once per term, as this offers greater opportunity for exciting and engaging topics, progression of key skills and creates an excitement around the subject. Each term every class will cover a different aspect of the DT curriculum including; structures, food and nutrition, textiles, mechanisms, key events/individuals or electrical systems. The projects are planned around the TASC wheel which offers a structure of key questions to inspire independent ideas, thought and product development, through the skills of designing, making and evaluating.

Our Yearly Overview

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Progression in Design Technology


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