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Reading, Phonics and Spelling

A St Peter’s we aim to:

  • develop a love of reading in our children.
  • promote positive attitudes to reading at home and at school, working closely with parents to achieve this.
  • deliver high quality phonics teaching to give children the skills to read and spell words with fluency and confidence.
  • enable children to use reading skills to access all areas of the curriculum, progressing from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’.
  • develop children’s understanding of, and response to, the texts they read.
  • provide all children with opportunities to read, analyse and evaluate a wide variety of texts
  • develop children’s ability to use reading to walk through doors to the past, to the future and to other worlds both real and imagined.
  • stimulate and enhance children’s writing through their reading experience.

Teaching of Phonics

We teach phonics using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ program for children in Reception and Key Stage 1.

This supports children to decode when reading and to sound out words in have a go writing.

Children take part in daily, fast paced and highly interactive sessions, using a range of resources including whiteboards, dice, iPads, interactive whiteboard games and board games.

We provide an information session for parents and carers about how we teach your child to read, as well as regularly training all staff to deliver effective and high quality phonics sessions. Further information, resources and suggestions for how you can help at home can be found on the school website.


At St Peter’s we use the Book Banding system for individual reading books for children to take home and read with parents and carers.

This approach provides children with a wide range of exciting texts that are appropriate to their ability.

Well-stocked class book corners and a vibrant, accessible library with fiction, non-fiction, picture books and big books enhance children’s reading experience. Our librarian Mrs Hunt loves to help children find new authors or stories to enjoy.

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Rainbow Class) and Key Stage 1 enjoy daily ‘Book Talk’ sessions. These sessions provide time for children to read and talk about a book in a small group with a teacher or teaching assistant, as well as taking part in a range of other reading and phonics based activities.

In Key Stage 2 children have a daily guided reading session, providing opportunities for reading and discussion in small groups with an adult.

We are very fortunate at St Peter’s to have lots of volunteers who come in regularly to give children an extra opportunity to read aloud. These volunteers have all been trained by English lead teachers within the school.


At St Peter’s we want every child to develop the skills to become an excellent writer.

Children are encouraged to write for a purpose and they explore a whole range of different genres each year, using various models of excellence to guide the drafting and editing process.

Through these genres, children are taught how to use the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation – building on their knowledge each year. Children learn how to structure and organise their writing to suit each particular genre and include a variety of well-presented sentence structures.

Our children should be leaving St Peter's as proficient writers

Poetry is introduced at the start of some full terms. The reason poetry is taught in all classes at this time is because it is a great introduction to bringing writing alive and introducing children to many writing tools which they can use across a range of genres.

While genres have been provided to year groups, it is important to note that the specific type of that genre or the context for writing has not been provided as teachers should have the autonomy to choose the most inspiring context for writing which relates to their particular class/topic.

Some genres of writing should be experienced repeatedly by children in every year group, this is why they are repeated each year. Children should be leaving St Peter's as proficient writers who can write to a high standard and who can communicate in writing formally and informally. As the child progress through the school, the demand and depth in which each genre is explored is deeper and more challenging.

Each half term has been allocated two writing genres; this has been done so teachers can spend more time on a particular genre if needed and to meet the particular needs of the class.

Below are some of the genres that the children will have to opportunity to explore whilst at St Peter’s:

Whole school overview of writing genres:

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