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Enrichment & Challenge

Enrichment and Challenge

Through the delivery of our curriculum, all children are challenged at an individual level.

In English, Maths and Science, children chose the level of challenge in their learning, through the

Chilli Challenge

Here, children chose the difficulty level based on their confidence and understanding. The learning is differentiated four ways; Mild, Spicy, Hot, Jalapeno. The adults in the class monitor this, to ensure that the children are being sufficiently challenged and will, on occasions, suggest the level of learning for an individual child.

In addition to the daily chilli challenge, additional enrichment activities are planned for selected children. These can be in a range of subjects. We have recently worked with our local Methodist schools during a gifted and talented art day and a more able maths challenge day. At these events, the pupils worked together with their peers from 3 other local Methodist schools to complete a number of different challenges in maths and a collaborative piece of artwork.

More Able Lead

To oversee our focus on enrichment and challenge, Mrs Clark-Murphy has overall responsibility for more able pupils throughout the school.

This role includes liaising with teachers, subject leaders, key stage leaders and the senior leadership team. She plans activities and monitors the provision of our pupils who are working at a greater depth within their year group.