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Our Curriculum Intent

At St Peter’s we have created a History curriculum that is centred on our unique setting in Canterbury and its surrounding areas, whilst also looking further afield at influences and the impact of significant time periods in the wider world. We are fortunate to have many local resources to draw upon including historical buildings, The Beaney Library, our cathedral, historic seaside towns and local castles as well as a deep history to inspire and engage children as they can bring historical time periods and events closer to them. We also aim to draw upon local resources through historical associations, Canterbury Christ Church University and our families (particularly in Key Stage 1 where they can help children contrast experiences between when they were little and now). Our units all begin with a key question to promote curiosity and historical enquiry skills, encouraging children to want to find answers and apply skills such as interpreting artefacts and sources to build a picture of an event, people or time period. Topics in Key Stage 1 draw on things children are interested in and familiar with so they can make comparisons and see the impact of some historical figures. In Key Stage 2 children work through units chronologically to ensure an understanding of timelines, the passing of time and a wider historical context. Timelines are used in every year group and show progression between Key Stage 1 and 2. Key Stage 1 focuses on vocabulary and sorting, Key Stage 2 has a greater emphasis on time vocabulary and historical time periods and the timelines are kept and added to each year.

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