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Inclusion and SEND

At St Peter’s, we seek to remove barriers to learning and participation. This means that every child is treated as a special child and is entitled to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.

Many pupils will, at some time or another need extra help at school.

This may be because they are experiencing problems ranging from slight difficulties that do not take long to rectify, to more severe learning difficulties which require a longer-term plan of action. Children who are exceptionally able in any area also need to be identified and catered for. 

Staff regularly receive training on how we can improve our 'Quality First' teaching for all children, informed by guidance provided by Kent County Council (KCC). We follow KCC's Mainstream Core Standards (MCS) to ensure that we have quality provision across all the areas of need. For a guide to the MCS which has been written for parents and carers, please click here. The class teacher is aware of the individual needs of each child and will provide differentiated work and a learning environment that is tailored to them. We also have trained teaching assistants who give additional support within the classroom. 

We greatly value our partnership with parents and seek to work together to provide the best opportunities for every child. 

We regularly review the needs of all children in our school and consider how our environment and learning opportunities support learning. For some children, a personalised learning plan (PLP) may be written by school staff and parents and carers. We follow the graduated approach; cycles of assess, plan, do and review, in order to ensure we are doing the best we can for each child. We may seek additional advice and support from specialist teachers or other professionals, where parents and carers have given consent for this.

The school is committed to compliance with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Disability Discrimination Act and is fully compliant with the 2014 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice. We have an Accessibility Plan (under our policies tab) which aims to ensure that we do not treat disabled pupils or parents less favourably for a reason related to disability and we take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. The school’s commitment to inclusion ensures that we actively seek to accommodate those with disabilities. The school is currently accessible to all children, including those in wheelchairs, and we have a disabled toilet on the ground floor. 

The Kent 'Local Offer' is a response from the government to enable parents/ carers to find out about services, opportunities and access for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Kent County Council also have a SEND Strategy, the aim of which is to "improve the educational, health and emotional wellbeing outcomes for all of Kent's children and young people with special educational needs and those who are disabled."

Click here to read the KCC SEND Strategy  

Mrs Watts is our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCo). She leads the identification of and provision for children with additional educational needs (AEN). This includes children identified with a special educational need (SEN), English as an additional language (EAL), medical needs or where children have been identified as gifted and talented. You can read more about our provision for SEND at St Peter's in our annual SEND evaluation report and SEND Policy documents. Our SEND policy also includes information about complaints procedures in regards to provision for your child.

Government Statutory link:

SEND Code of Practice 2015


Mrs Watts is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week, to discuss any individual pupil needs, answer questions or talk through any concerns you may have.

Mrs Watts can also be contacted by phoning the school (01227 464392) or emailing: