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Our Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum intent is to ensure that mathematics is taught daily and that children will have the opportunity to practise their skills in other subjects. Children will learn a variety of fluency and problem solving skills that they can then apply to everyday situations, learning the importance of mathematics to their daily lives. 

At St. Peter's we aim to:

  • Provide a practical and broadly balanced mathematics curriculum which will suit the individual needs for our children. 
  • Show children the usefulness and relevance of maths in their daily lives. 
  • Promote a positive attitude to mathematics at home and at school, working closely with parents to achieve this. 
  • Develop children's ability to apply their mathematical skills to a range of problems. 

Build children's confidence in mathematics. 

How we achieve this:

  • Daily maths lesson in every class. 
  • Opportunities outside maths lesson to practise recalling and using number facts such as early morning work, times tables practise and weekly homework. 
  • All work is differentiated to the needs of our children, and challenge is built into every lesson. 

Encouraging children to apply what they have learnt in their maths lessons in practical ways across the curriculum. 

Useful documents:

  • Calculation Policy - coming soon!
  • KIRFs (Key Instant Recalls Facts) - coming soon!
  • Medium term plans.

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