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Online Safety

Keeping our children safe online is a priority for us.

In school, we teach the children about e-safety throughout the year through their computing lessons.

On this page you will find helpful information about how parents and carers can develop safe use of the internet at home too.

Have a look at the weblinks below for information about keeping children safe on the internet.

This website has a range of activties to do with your child and lots of information about setting controls on different devices at home

The following webpage has excellent information about ideas for keeping your child safe and some statistics about what sites some children are accessing

Our team of Designated Safeguarding Leads, or Mr Mare our Computing Lead would be happy to talk to you in more detail if you have any questions.


Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

Click here for lots of cartoons about how Hector and his friends are learning to use computers safely

Key Stage 2

Have a look at the different videos and websites all about being safe and enjoying the internet.

Remember; if you are worried about anything - tell an adult.

For more information and some games, click on the ThinkuKnow link below.

The cbbc website has lots of great videos and tips about using the internet safetly