GSO Test


 The teaching of Science at St. Peter’s Methodist Primary School aims to be a balance of knowledge based learning and the development of scientific thinking through a skills based curriculum. Plans are based upon the Kent Science scheme but tailored by individual teachers towards knowledge gaps and termly skills focus. The emphasis is split between learning of knowledge and practising investigative skills. Each term classes focus on one of the key investigative skills which will be repeated each year. Therefore the children’s understanding of each skill will be deepened whilst still learning knowledge set out by the national curriculum. All investigative lessons will include both an investigative and knowledge learning objective.

Teachers may change the order of skills taught to fit in with their topics. When teaching investigative lessons teachers will write up all aspects of the investigation with the children using working wall posters (recorded in class books) but children will record one of the skills focussed upon during that term. 

Term 1: Predictions

Term 2: Variables

Term 3: Methodology

Term 4: Results table and graphs

Term 5: Conclusions

Term 6: Whole investigation write ups.


Science is led by Mr Maré and taught by class teachers. Lessons are timetabled weekly: discrete lessons typically last for 90 minutes.

Children’s learning is assessed after each topic. All KS2 pupils should be “secondary ready” in science by the end of year 6.

We maintain strong links with the science team at Christchurch and other higher education institutions. We also organise our own science weeks yearly when we create opportunities for children to interact with outside institutions and discuss careers in scientific industries.