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Topics and Creative Curriculum

At St Peter’s our History and Geography is taught through termly topic themes, concluding the year with a whole school topic.

Our History curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm in exploring past events and the lives of people before us. It encourages the skills of; questioning, investigating, exploring sources, evaluating and forming conclusions. It explores changes and challenges that have been faced over time and how this affected the lives of people at the time and our life today. It reflects our local area and our fantastic city centre setting, where there is a wealth of history in the buildings and environment around us. We utilise this through local history links in our topics and undertaking walks and visits to places such as Canterbury Castle, The Beaney Library and Canterbury Cathedral. We also encourage learning through speaking to family members and visitors, Living History and drama workshops as well as a menu of home learning activities which allows the children to deepen their knowledge further and teach us what they have learnt too!


Our Geography curriculum is designed to engage children in learning and caring about the world around them. It encourages the skills of; questioning, fieldwork, curiosity, exploration as well as local and world knowledge. It explores our locality and the features of the places around us. We are lucky to be positioned in a city location but also have the countryside and coast easily accessible to us and so are able to find out about these places through visits and ‘hands-on’ fieldwork experience. It also explores the wider world, equipping children with knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. It encourages us to think about how our local and worldwide environment is important to us and what we can do to protect it.