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Our Curriculum Intent

 At St Peter’s we want the children to build essential skills and knowledge through our curriculum that celebrates not only our local area but also the wider World. Each year group has a unit that investigates an element of the UK or our local area and local field trips and visits are encouraged to support ‘real life’ and hands on experiences. Our city centre location offers plenty of opportunity for map making skills, while the location of Canterbury also offers links to London, coastal areas and the countryside, a rich and diverse setting which we are fortunate to have and can show children first hand different human and physical features. Each year group also has a unit that celebrates and encourages curiosity about the wider world we live in. Children will learn to use a range of maps (including digital) and atlases to explore different climates, habitats, countries, locations and landmarks around the World. A few of these unit titles are left open for teachers to select a country/region that most interests or draws on the teacher’s/pupils’ knowledge, depending on the class. We also want children to consider their role as global citizens. In Key Stage 2 there is a current environmental topic linked to a unit such as de-forestation or Fair-trade. This for the children to research in order for them to feel empowered to have their own viewpoint in order to debate, campaign or reach out to local councils/communities and consider what role they can play as part of the future generation.

Our Yearly Overview

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Progression in Geography


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