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Our Curriculum Intent

At St. Peter’s Methodist Primary School, we aim to inspire and motivate children to become confident, capable and enthusiastic writers who will develop a genuine love of writing. Our genre approach enables children to write for a wide range of purposes by being exposed to high quality model texts and being taught how to use the appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling elements for these genres. The children enjoy working collaboratively when exploring the features of writing and they are able to reflect on how vocabulary and sentence structure choices can affect the reader.

Our children follow a writing learning journey which allows them to confidently understand the purpose of different genres of writing. The children begin by being exposed to high quality model texts of a particular genre. Immersing them in the technical language, specific grammar, punctuation and spelling skills becomes a key focus which prepares the children to write and allows them to make independent writing choices. Finally, they begin the writing process. Our writing process involves planning, writing, editing to improve and publishing a final written piece.

Writing Progression document and genres overview


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Our Curriculum Intent

 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling are taught mostly as part of our writing genre. Pupils are provided with high- level, technical vocabulary linked to the genre they are writing about. Time is spent discussing the main word classes, synonyms, antonyms and how language affects a sentence. Punctuation is taught at the beginning of sessions and students are given opportunities to practise during this time, when they write and for home-learning tasks. Spelling is a vital area which again, is linked to our writing genre. For example, when working on Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica, pupils will learn how to spell key technical words such as 'pack ice', 'ice floes', 'frostbite', 'hypothermia', 'isolation', 'rations' etc. Additionally, the students will work on spelling that is suitable for their year group/spelling level. 

GPS is also delivered as stand alone lessons when needed. 



Glossary of GPS terms




Here are some examples of our writing learning journey: